Yoga Superpower Secrets

Join this 21 day program to discover the power of yoga through a step by step journey through vinyasa. by the end of this course you will be moving breathing sweating and flowing and feeling pain free and more mobile and have aton more energy.

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Learn Yoga in 21 Days

Follow our proven process in this 21 day program. Each day we will step you through your practise building strength and mastering the yoga practise.

Beginner Friendly

This program is perfect for beginners to the Power Flow Practise or for anyone returning to the mat from injury or illness. 

Strength and  Mobility

Sick of boring yoga classes that you barely break a sweat. This practise is designed to cue into muscular awareness and strength.

How To Master The Fundamentals of the Vinyasa Alignment

If you have been struggling along in your yoga classes and finding it hard to follow along, chances are that you have not been taught proper alignment of the vinyasa. You see the secret to mastering yoga as a strength based practise is learning the techniques, alignment and modifications of Sun A. Joins us on a 21 day journey of Sun A & Vinyasa...


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Here's what to expect inside this 21 day program:-
  • Instant Access To Instant Access To "Yoga Superpower Secrets" 21 Day Program (Value $97)
  • Mastery Tutorials for Cornerstone Postures (Value $57)
  • 10 In 10 Power Yoga Strength Challenge (Value $87)
  • Digital Playbook PDF eBook (Value $40)
  • Flow & Release Cool Down Class (Value $17)

Yoga Superpower Secrets

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