Body Evolution Secrets

42 Days to Evolution of Mind, Body and Spirit. Learn the fundamentals of the power yoga practise in this self-paced online journey into yoga discover the power of yoga. Daily practise, meditation, self enquiry, diet, meal plans and much more...

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30 Burn Yoga Classes

Step through the MOVE Signature power flow sequence with 20 minute classes built with an intention on alignment, modifications and strength.

Beginner Friendly

Perfect if you are new to yoga, or a seasoned yogi looking to refine your practise and alignment. Daily classes and tutorials and yogic philosophy.

Strength and  Mobility

Sick of boring yoga classes that you barely break a sweat. This practise is designed to cue into muscular awareness and strength.

How To Make Yoga Part of Your every day life

Power Yoga is a practise that has so many benefits including becoming leaner, lighter, happier, less stressed, more aware, stronger and more mobile. It takes 40 days to kick a toxic habit for good and 40 days to master a new habit or skill.


Take a Look Inside:

  • 6 Strategy Lessons!
  • Week 1 - Identity (Where Are You At Right Now?)
  • Week 2 - Presence (Start From NOW)
  • Week 3 - Vitality (Building Heat & Momentum)
  • Week 4 - Equanimity (Finding Balance Within)
  • Week 5 - Restoration (It's Time To Surrender)
  • Week 6 - Evolution (The New You)
  • Illuminate Your Evolution Big Picture Questions
  • 30 "Burn" Power Yoga Flows
  • 6 Mindset Meditation Classes
  • Yogi Hacks Diet Guide & Meal Plan

Body Evolution Secrets

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